As a business mentor mentor we work alongside the founder in navigating the crossroads of a startup’s journey and help catapult beyond it’s escape velocity

Earth’s escape velocity is 11.1 KM-S
investment advisor for Business


11.1 KM.S is a virtual startup accelerator offering deep long term engagement to founders via a dedicated entrepreneur turned Business Mentor.

Earth’s escape velocity is 11.1 Km/s. 11.1 KM-S Pte Ltd works with founders of startups in encompassing the startup’s escape velocity.

The accelerator’s process facilitates regular weekly discussions around product strategy, sales strategy, fund raise and overall operations of your startup digging through the decades long experience of the Mentor as a founder themselves. Our Business Mentor has gone through the full cycle of entrepreneurship starting from bootstrapping to building companies with a global footprint, fund raise, & acquiring other startups.



To empower the lives of 10 million professionals by 2025 by supporting startups and their founders to help solve real world problems. Through the various companies earlier founded by the 11.1 KM-S team, they have had impacted the lives of more than 1.5 million professionals across 32 countries who were employees, shareholders, and customers of those startups


Work alongside founders and help in their decision making process in all areas of their startup including, product strategy, market research, competitive landscape, go-to-market, marketing, messaging and communications, fund raise, HR, hiring, governance and if the fitment is right invest in them too

startup fund raise
Have the comfort of having an experienced business Mentor with you in discussing your ideas, strategies and pain.


Story of Business Mentor

After having built multiple companies, attracted millions in investments from marquee investors, benefited 1.5 mn users across 66 countries on state of the art and award winning technology platforms, the Business Mentor at 11.1 KM-S hand holds multiple entrepreneurs to further help 10 mn end users and their new investors in the next decade. Click here to learn More about our “success stories”

We have built startups’ ourselves

The 11.1 KM-S team has built companies, bootstrapped, built products, took them to international geographies, with innovative sales strategies and pricing models and customer service platforms and have experience of the pros and cons of some of the decisions taken

We have gone through the same pain

The 11.1 KM-S team had gone through the (in)decisiveness of “to hire or not” both at entry level as well as leadership team at different stages of the growth of the company

We have similar journeys

The startups that the 11.1 KM-S team built raised investments, acquired companies and had made both mistakes and executed ground breaking strategies
Business counselor
Business Mentor: Karthik Kadampully
Karthik Kadampully


About me :

Karthik Kadampully a serial entrepreneur and built technology platforms over 20 years.


Speaker at

  • EdTech Review Delhi ’20
  • EdTech Asia Singapore ‘19
  • EdTech Summit Delhi ‘18
  • IIM Bangalore – Future of Learning ‘18
  • Confederation of Indian Industry – Reimagining Learning ‘18
  • Startup Saturday – Bangalore ‘16
  • Learning Conference, San Diego, USA
  • Venture Capitalists and Startups – SunTec Singapore – ‘06


  • Post Graduate in Business Management from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi, India
  • Certificate course in Tools for growing Business from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India
  • Bachelor’s in science (Mechanical Engineering) NIT (REC) Kurukshetra, India
About the startups built :

A pioneer of eLearning he had founded 2 leading Edtech companies

  • 24×7 Learning: offered online learning technology platform & content development & had onboarded 250+ leading corporates with 1.5 mn learners
  • AEON Learning (Avagmah): A technology platform where leading Universities offered online degree programs, had users from 121 cities in India. Acquired Acadgild – co founded by Vinod Dham. Had users, from 22 countries.
Raising investments :

Secured investments from investors including
KITVEN – Karnataka IT Ventures

  • CNBC TV 18
  • Kris Gopalakrishnan – co-founder Infosys
  • Manipal Education and Medical Group
  • Ganesh Krishnan promoter / co-founder Tutorvista &
  • Atul Nishar – Founder – Aptech & Hexaware technologies
Team size - Locations of startups

For Business Mentor, the startups had 200+ employees across locations including Bangalore, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, , Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Tiruchirappalli, Kolkata & New Delhi.

Business Mentor: Avinash Kampli
Avinash Kampli


About me :

Avinash Kampli is an Aviation Sector expert in the Aviation sector, Captain and Pilot of A 350 & A 380 having 25 years of experience at a reputed international airline based out of Singapore.


  • Bachelor of Engineering from Bangalore University
  • Master of Science, Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science and Technology, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
About experiences in Aviation Sector:

Avinash Kampli is currently a Check and Training Captain on the Airbus 350 having experience on the following aircraft types : A310, B777, A330 and A380.

  • He was awarded the CAAS Airline Leadership Scholarship and acquired a Masters degree in Aeronautics (majoring in Aviation Safety Systems and Aviation Human factors)
  • He has worked in the Flight Operations Safety and Security Department as a Fleet Safety Pilot with the primary responsibility being managing/monitoring Safety Management System in the Flight Operation Division. He also has experience as Crew Resource Management Facilitator/ Instructor. He is also an Adjunct Faculty with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.
  • Avinash also has certifications in the domains viz, Safety Management Systems ( SMS ) Fatigue Risk Management Systems, Human Factors in Aviation.
Business Mentor: Geetha Sanjay
Geetha Sanjay


About me :

Healthcare & allied industry expert including Data management of oncology related clinical studies, data management of Vaccine based clinical studies, collection and analysis of market, competitor and regulatory data for clinical research services.


  • MSc Applied Genetics from Bangalore University
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc), Biotechnology, NMKRV College for Women, Bangalore
  • Business Analytics & Optimization programme from Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi
About experiences in Healtech Sector :

21 years of professional work experience and has worked at companies Villgro Innovations Foundation, Ikure Techsoft, Innov4Sight Health and Biomedical Systems, CLINMINDS, Novogene Life Sciences, GSK Biologicals, SIRO Clinpharm, etc.

A mentor is one who has already undertaken a similar journey. Has encountered similar situations. Had started off very small, boot strapped, hired a co-founder, evolved to form a ESOP pool, has experience hiring very senior professionals and attract talent

The mentor should not only be an advisor but who would be with the co-founder through the execution and be available to bounce off mid path corrections

Having said that it is not easy to find the right mentor. The right mentor to an entrepreneur has built companies and has traversed similar paths thereby the entrepreneur can learn from his experience and not make similar mistakes.

The starting point of course is the journey that Mentor would have traversed which should have been close to a path that you plan to traverse? Some pointers are : Did the Business Mentor ..

  1. Build large enough company(ies)
  2. Build company(ies) that created its own products and/or services
  3. Operated in multiple geographies ,
  4. Had 100s of employees
  5. Raised multiple rounds of investments
  6. Run company(ies) for 5~ 10 years
  7. Report to a governed board at least for 5~7 years?
  8. Acquire another company
  9. Sell existing company
  10. Build strong cross border relationships
  11. Hire senior talent , VP, President, CEO, COO , co-founder and have experience in offering right compensation / ESOPs
  12. Did the mentor have a mentor to support as an entrepreneur

It is important to look at the journey and the strategy used by the mentor when building the company and not just look at the end goal achieved by the mentor in his entrepreneurial journey. The strategy used by the mentor to go from Stage X to Stage Z is equally important as much as the final outcome.
When identifying a mentor look for traits of a good teacher, who is a good listener and more than an advisor is a bouncing board, and has high level of integrity.

Many a time the mentor may have a different personality than you. Mentors often have differing perspectives and outlook and may offer a new insight to the problem in hand and which is essential in disruptive thinking. It is always best to take these ideas, evaluate and absorb the portions that are relevant to your company

There are many reasons why most entrepreneurs do not want to partner with a mentor and leading amongst them are :

  1. Not willing to share their ideas/secrets with an outsider
  2. Concerned that the mentor can meddle with the entrepreneur’s larger and long term vision
  3. Feeling that the entrepreneur can ride it on his/her own and any sign of working with a mentor is a sign of weakness
  4. Some entrepreneurs quit the corporate world out of discontent with the reporting supervisor and would not really want anyone who can remotely seemingly again feel like a reporting manager which can lead to similar distasteAll these are thoughts that may cross, thereby it is essential to identify the right mentor, one who has integrity, one who works well with a team, having said it is always a must to have a mentor. Survey after survey conducted by several agencies and Universities have given 80%-90% higher success rate for entrepreneurs who have mentors.