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Practice your Fund Raise Pitch

Fund raise is a boring and uninteresting task that one has to go through in the startup journey. The obvious first step any founder would do is to check online for templates for pitch deck.

At the start every founder is convinced of their business model and thereby very confident of presenting it right to the VC. But 2 presentations down is when realisation sets in that all is not going good and the worst part is no VC gives feedback on what went wrong.

It is simple mathematics, compare the amount of time you would have spent in fine tuning the product features, creation of marketing collaterals, and sales efforts vs the time spent on preparing the fund raise deck and the pitch. Obviously the outcome would also be skewed.

The whole investment process is not just about deck email and investment pitch. What you need is to fine tune the investors’ idea of your startup, clean up your cap table, dress up the company, ensure a founder agreement is in place, the website reflects the company as is, and also time the release of marketing campaigns to help in visibility during the fund raise process.

What you also need is a lot of practice actually making the pitch. Try and practice presenting to someone who has been a founder and raised funds earlier to help you get feedback. No amount of preparation can replace a live practice presentation.

Founders can make a fund raise presentation to a live online mentor and receive instant feedback.


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