Deep long term engagement to the founder through a dedicated Business mentoring

Facilitated via regular weekly discussions

Business Mentoring

A mentor is not just an expert in your field, but also a trusted ally and a constant source of feedback. In Business mentoring process a mentor understands your challenges and helps you overcome them with their insights and experience

A mentor is more than a coach or a consultant. A mentor is your ally and your partner. A mentor knows your business inside out and shares your dreams and ambitions. A mentor brings you fresh ideas and insights that will take you to the next level.

With Business mentoring, you get regular and consistent support and guidance, at least 4-8 times a month. You don’t have to worry about losing focus or momentum. A mentor will help you to be track and be on fire.

Mentors would have years of experience tackling and overcoming hundreds of situations and have learnt from costly mistakes, which is what you get from a Mentor.

Each of these mistakes and timely advise can save you from situations viz years of wrong product development, entry into a wrong geography or an untimely hire, all of which can either stunt growth or reduce profitability

In the early stages of a company when there is nil or lesser presence of senior management in the team, the entrepreneur feels the need for a partner to have an uncompromised business conversation. Someone who is not an insider and thereby prejudiced by the constraints of the organization, and yet understands the operating boundaries like an insider. That is where the mentor comes in.

Business mentoring

Master, Guru, Adviser, Guide, Business Mentor is important for entrepreneur during all stages of his journey. Even those who have built pretty large companies have taken the help an continue taking the advice of experienced on how to grow the business.

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